Presenting the GTA project at the Joingame Conference

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I had the opportunity to talk about the GTA project at the Joingame Conference at Voss April 9-10. Joingame is a network organization connecting Norwegian game developers, educators, students and researchers, and I am also on the elected board.

Yesterday I gave a talk where the project was presented to an audience consisting mostly of developers, students, researchers and educators from the tech side of games. This was the very first talk about the project given to an external audience and is in this sense a milestone, however small. The presentation was well received and there were many interesting questions in the following Q&A session, as well as discussions in the break after and during the conference dinner.

Based on the responses it appears that the audience found the project to be an interesting new way of looking at controversial content in games, and that they in particular appreciated that we aim to look into how diverse groups of players interpret different kinds of content.

The slides from the presentation can be found here, and videos of this and other presentations at the conference should also be available here for Joingame members in the near future.

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Professor in Media Studies at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen. Project manager and principal investigator of the Games and Transgressive Aesthetics project.

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