Reading List


Here are some of the books on my project reading list:

  • Bogost, Ian: Persuasive Games. MIT Press
  • Bogost, Ian: How to do things with video games. Minnesota University Press
  • Cashell, Kieran: Aftershock. The Ethics of Contemporary Transgressive Art. I.B. Tauris.
  • Deterding, Sebastian: Modes of Play. A Frame Analytic Account of Video Gaming. PhD dissertation, University of Hamburg
  • Dewey, John: Art as Experience. Perigee
  • Flanagan, Mary. Critical Play. MIT Press
  • Flanagan, Mary and Helen Nissenbaum. Values at Play in Digital Games. MIT Press
  • Frissen, Valerie, Sybille Lammes, Michiel de Lange, Jos de Mul, and Joost Raessens (eds.): Playful Identities. Amsterdam University Press
  • Gjelsvik, Anne: Vondt og vakkert. Vold i audiosvisuelle medier. Cappelen Damm
  • Gjelsvik, Anne: Fiksjonsvoldens etiske betydninger: En studie av vurderinger av vold i amerikansk fiksjonsfilm. PhD thesis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Grønstad, Asbjørn: Sceening the unwatchable. Palgrave.
  • Grønstad, Asbjørn: Transfigurations. Violence, Death, and Masculinity in American Cinema. Amsterdam University Press
  • Grønstad, Asbjørn and Henrik Gustafsson (eds.): Ethics and Images of Pain, Routledge.
  • Horeck, Tanya and Tina Kendall (eds.): The new extremism in cinema. Edinburgh University Press
  • Jenks, Chris. Transgressions. Routledge
  • Julius, Anthony. Transgressions: The Offenses of Art. University of Chicago Press
  • Kirkpatrick, Graeme: Aesthetic theory and video games. Manchester University Press
  • Montola, Markus: On the Edge of the Magic Circle: Understanding Pervasive Games and Role-Playing. PhD dissertation, University of Tampere
  • Mortensen, Torill, Linderoth, Jonas, and Ashley Brown (eds.): The Dark Side of Gameplay. Controversial Issues in Playful Enviroments. Routledge
  • Shaw, Adrienne. Gaming at the Edge. Minnesota University Press
  • Sicart, Miguel : Beyond Choices. MIT Press
  • Sicart, Miguel: The Ethics of Computer Games. MIT Press
  • Stenros, Jaakko: Play, playfulness and games. PhD dissertation, University of Tampere
  • Walz, Steffen and Sebastian Deterding (eds.) The Gameful World. MIT Press

This list is in no way complete, but is a collection of what I’ve already acquired, or that I know that needs reading. I have read many of these books already, but they should probably be re-read in the light of the new project. I know I still need to add some psychology stuff, and I have not added methodology literature to the list. There are also tons of resarch articles and papers that also should be read, and I’ve started to save interesting pieces on my harddrive.

Are there any other theory books that need reading for those wanting to understand transgressive game content? Suggestions are always welcome!

About Kristine Jørgensen

Professor in Media Studies at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen. Project manager and principal investigator of the Games and Transgressive Aesthetics project.

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