Open postdoc position in the GTA project

The Games and Transgressive Aesthetics research project is expanding!

In addition to adding a research assistant to our team, we are hiring a postdoctoral fellow! While the research assistant was always part of the plan, the postdoc position is due to certain changes in the project. I have accepted a permanent position at my home department, and will for that reason step down from a 100% to a 50% appointment in the project. The money that is freed due to this change is used to hire a postdoc.

The postdoc will submit their own individual project description, but it must be aligned with the research topics and aims of the full Games and Transgressive Aesthetics project. In order to balance out the team, we are seeking a researcher interested in studying players’ aesthetic experiences of controversial game content.

The position is a 2 year research position, but a third year may be added to the position if you are willing to undertake teaching duties at the department.

We can offer a good working environment with motivated scholars and a key role in a very interesting research project. Side bonuses are a job in the most beautiful city in the world with corresponding nature close-up, and game nights at my place. You will also be able to contribute to building a rock solid game research environment in Bergen.

Application deadline is August 21, and you must have submitted your PhD thesis before the deadline. It is a condition that the PhD has been awarded before you can start the job.

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About Kristine Jørgensen

Professor in Media Studies at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen. Project manager and principal investigator of the Games and Transgressive Aesthetics project.

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