Here all academic, popular and journalistic publications will be listed.


Švelch, J. (2023). Player vs. Monster. The Making and Breaking of Video Game Monstrosity. MIT Press

Bjørkelo, K. A. (2022). Playing with Boundaries: Empirical Studies of Transgression and Gaming Culture. PhD diss. University of Bergen.

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Jørgensen, K., Karlsen, F. (eds.) (2019): Transgression in Games and Play. MIT Press.

Academic peer-reviewed publications: 

Jørgensen, K., & Mortensen, T.E. (2022). “Whose Expression is it Anyway? Videogames and the Freedom of Expression“, in Games and Culture (online first), Feb 28.

Bjørkelo, K. A. (2020). ““Elves are Jews with Pointy Ears and Gay Magic”: White Nationalist Readings of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. Game Studies vol 20, issue 3.

Švelch, J. (2020). “Should the Monster Play Fair? Reception of Artificial Intelligence in Alien: Isolation. Game Studies vol 20, issue 2.

Švelch, J. (2019). “Always Already Monsters—BioShock’s (2007) ‘Splicers’ as Computational Others”. Nordlit 42. 

Jørgensen, K. (2019). “Understanding War Game Experiences: Applying Multiple Player Perspectives to Game Analysis». Hammond, P. and Pötzsch, H. (eds.). War Games: Memory, Militarism, and the Subject of Play. Bloomsbury

Jørgensen, K. (2019). “Dead Rising and the Gameworld Zombie”. Webley, S.J., Zackariasson, P. (eds.): The Playful Undead and Video Games. Critical Analyses of Zombies and Gameplay. Routledge.

Bjørkelo, K.A. (2019): “‘It Feels Real to Me’: Transgressive Realism in This War of Mine. Jørgensen, K., Karlsen, F. (eds.): Transgression in Games and Play. MIT Press.

Jørgensen, K. (2019): “When is it Enough? Uncomfortable Game Content and the Transgressions of Player Taste”. Jørgensen, K., Karlsen, F. (eds.): Transgression in Games and Play. MIT Press.

Bjørkelo, K.A., Jørgensen, K. (2018): “The Asylum Seekers Larp: The Positive Discomfort of Transgressive Realism”. Proceedings of DiGRA Nordic 2018. 

Švelch, J. (2018). “Encoding monsters: “Ontology of the enemy” and containment of the unknown in role-playing games”. Philosophy of Computer Games Conference 2018

Jørgensen, K. (2016): “The Positive Discomfort of Spec Ops: The Line”Gamestudies, vol 16, issue 2.

Media contributions:

Lønningen, P. (2016). “Feature: Derfor elsker mediene å frykte voldelige dataspill”., May 26.


Karlsen, F., Jørgensen, K. (2019). “Voldsskildringer tar for mye plass.” Aftenposten, Apr 9.

Bjørkelo, K.A. (2019). “Er det ein samanheng mellom drapa i Christchurch og spelkulturen?” Fri Tanke, Mar 29.

Jørgensen, K. (2015). “Hvordan oppleves kontroversielt innhold i spill?”. Spillpikene, Feb 15.

Media coverage:

Hauan, M. and Haugen, A.H. (2022). “Spill som seriøst medium”. Spillmagasinet Hardcore, Studentradioen, Oct, 24. Extended version here.

Grindhaug, J.H. (2017). “Jeg tror forskningen min kan bidra til mindre fordommer mot spill.” Pressfire, Jun 6.

Strand, H.K. (2014). “Skal forske på dataspill i 3,5 år”. På Høyden, Dec 11.

Pedersen, K. (2014). “Får millioner til spillforskning”. Bergens Tidende, Dec 10.

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