Transgression in Games and Play

Transgression in Games and Play (edited by Kristine Jørgensen and Faltin Karlsen) is out now!

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Praise for the book:

“Overall, this is an incredibly impressive anthology, with each essay being its own exploration into the world of games, play, and transgression. I would recommend this book to any Game Studies researcher who wants not only unique perspectives on transgressions but a more well-rounded view of games and their communities.” (Jack Warren, Manchester Game Studies Network 2019)

“The personal experience brought into the book by each of its contributors, not only as scientists and academics, but also as players, the followers and breakers of norms, transgressors themselves, frightened and amazed at this artistic experience acting as a mirror. Are the other players any different? There are no final answers in the book, and this is what makes it interesting and a worthwhile read.” (Michal Smrkal, Acta Ludologica 2019)



Kristine Jørgensen and Faltin Karlsen: Playful Transgressions

Part I: Concepts

Part II: Practices

  • 5. Mia Consalvo: Kaceytron and Transgressive Play on
  • 6. Hanna Wirman and Rhys Jones: Let’s Play Performance as Transgressive Play
  • 7. Tanja Sihvonen and Jaakko Stenros: Queering Games, Play, and Culture through Transgressive Role-Playing Games

Part III: Emotions

Part IV: Content

Part V: Society

  • 14. Alan Meades:  The American Arcade Sanitization Crusade and the Amusement Arcade Action Group
  • 15. Kelly Boudreau: Beyond Fun: Transgressive Gameplay—Toxic and Problematic Player Behavior as Boundary Keeping